Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset

You can fill in your CHAP forms here and send them directly to the appropriate destinations at the click of a single button because the recipients have already been selected for you.

You needn't even print out a copy of what you send as a copy of your submission will be sent to you as an email.

Very important:-

  • Do not press the Enter key at any time while you are filling in the form. It will cause a premature and probably faulty transmission.
  • All mandatory fields (clearly marked) have to be completed including the Image Verification or, again, the form will fail to be sent to anyone.

Remember that Form Ps and cheques will still need to be sent by post preferably with a hard copy of your submission so we can tie it all together.

Convocation ReportCHAP 1
Installation ReportCHAP 2
Obituary Notification CHAP 5

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